30 Examples of Juxtaposition (and juxtaposed sentences)

Examples of juxtaposition and juxtaposed sentences

Juxtaposition is a linguistic resource that involves enumerating elements within a sentence using commas. This technique creates a distinct effect, as demonstrated in the example below:

We arrived, we ate, we fell asleep.

The elements that can be enumerated may be part of either the subject or the predicate. However, it’s important to note a significant distinction: when the enumeration involves different verbs, it may actually be juxtaposed sentences. This means that instead of including various elements in a single sentence, different sentences are coordinated into one.

Coordinating without Connectors

Juxtaposition differs from other coordination mechanisms as it doesn’t rely on connectors. Unlike pauses in speech, which occur orally, the ‘comma’ signs of enumeration appear in writing. Notably, there is no need for an additional connector like ‘and’ before the last element. This characteristic allows juxtapositions to seamlessly incorporate ideas without explicit connectors.

30 Examples of Juxtaposition (and juxtaposed sentences)
30 Examples of Juxtaposition (and juxtaposed sentences)

Examples of Juxtapositions

Here are some examples of juxtapositions that coordinate terms:

  1. My brothers, my parents, my brothers-in-law, will come to my birthday.
  2. The teacher didn’t let anyone out of the course, she was angry.
  3. Come to my birthday, come with Sergio who doesn’t have anyone to come with either.
  4. Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile are the countries with which ours borders.
  5. Eyes wide open, body ready to start running at any moment.
  6. Love a lot, always laugh, kiss as much as you can.
  7. I didn’t stop working all week, I need a break.
  8. In ten minutes I’ll go there, I’ll have a cake.
  9. The boy laughed, ran, jumped, danced.
  10. I work, I study, I do two parallel courses, I try to learn other languages on my own.
Juxtaposition is a linguistic resource that involves enumerating elements within a sentence using commas.
Examples of Juxtapositions

Examples of Juxtaposed Sentences

The following examples illustrate juxtaposed compound sentences:

  1. Spring has begun, winter is behind us.
  2. The musicians stopped playing, the actors entered the stage, the magic began to spread.
  3. The boy began to ask for help, we got very scared, finally, he just had some fever.
  4. I asked for the raise, the boss laughed in my face, I told him that I thought it was inconsiderate, he kicked me out of the office.
  5. We ran all over the street, the police knew we were close.
  6. He will open the party room, we will enter through the back door, say hello and leave.
  7. I’m thirsty, open the second beer, I don’t care if I have to drive later.
  8. Look up the address, I have a map in the second drawer of my desk, I’m two blocks from the plaza to the south.
  9. The last book by that author is a fiasco, it seems that fame has gone to his head.
  10. The accountant made the final count, money is missing since José suspiciously resigned.
  11. Bring me something to eat, I forgot everything this morning, argued with my wife and rushed out.
  12. Damien was finally a father, his grandmother still can’t believe it.
  13. Fabián drinks coffee, Antonio reviews the newspaper news, Sergio spends the last hour in the bathroom, I’m the only one here who works at the end of the day.
  14. The jury deliberates, the lawyer sweats, the calm witnesses leave the room.
  15. Wait for me at the corner of the prison, I’ll bring you some food and cigarettes.
  16. You can bring an extra bag, it’s too cold, plus you’ll spend a lot of time waiting for the bus back.
  17. The doors will open at three in the afternoon, we recommend that the public arrive in advance.
  18. Abstract art is not one of my favorites, I really do not understand practically any of the works.
  19. If you go out you could get sick, I’ll be angry if you complain tomorrow.
  20. Many stayed, I decided to come anyway.

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