What is the structure of the chronicle?

What is the structure of the chronicle
The chronicle is interpreted information about current events where a past event is narrated that is related to a current one; in other words, drive and play with time. It is a journalistic genre that counts the days and years that go by describing important events.

20 Examples of Urbanity Rules

Examples of urbanity rules
Essential urban civility principles, often unspoken, promote respect and courtesy in our cities. Education plays a vital role in instilling these values from a young age, contributing to a more inclusive and respectful urban environment.

10 Examples of Family Types

Examples of types of families
. Families share interests, common projects, sometimes blood ties, residence, among other types of social relationship dynamics that forge their relationship and strengthen it over time, either by tradition or by identification with shared experiences.

10 Examples of Grass Plants

Examples of grass plants
The grasses, also known as Poaceae, are a family of plants that includes a wide variety of species, most of which are herbaceous. They are characterized by their jointed stems, narrow leaves, and unique flowers organized in spikelets.

100 Examples of Vulgarisms

100 Examples of Vulgarisms
Vulgarisms: A vulgarism is a word, phrase, or expression that is considered crude, offensive, or impolite, often containing strong language, explicit content, or references to taboo subjects.