About us

Mariana from Howforkids.com

HowForKids.com is the English version of a project which started in Latin America. Visit our Spanish-language website at www.preparaniƱos.com.

There are already many centers that use the material offered by HowForKids and PreparaniƱos as part of their program, thus facilitating the commitment to bring digital content to the classroom. Being free, schools have a large amount of content at their disposal at no cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to publish educational materials to help and inspire children and parents to:

  • Cultivate minds to their maximum capacity.
  • Become familiar with the cultural heritage.
  • Strive for excellence in creative expression in all fields of learning, literature and art.
  • Find effective ways to live a satisfying life.
  • Expand the concern and understanding of students for today’s world.
  • Help build a society free of prejudice and hatred, and dedicated to the highest quality of life in the community and nation.

We strive to present the clearest explanation of current affairs and contemporary thinking, and to foster literary appreciation and expression consistent with the understanding and interests of young people at all levels of learning.

Online learning resources

Online Classroom Learning Resources

HowForKids seeks to empower students to think for themselves and be more independent. For this, we embrace the concept of the “flipped classroom model”, where students learn the material on their own first, remotely via video or other technology, then meet with their teacher to work on it and seek help.

HowForKids is a growing library of resources in Spanish and English, covering these topics:

Happy Learning!