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Eskimo for kids History and Customs

The Eskimo or Inuit [Characteristics and Customs]

Eskimo for kids: The Eskimos, or rather the Inuit, are a special group, completely different from the rest of the world's population. They are unique because of their lifestyle. Here we are going to provide a summary with all the information about the Eskimos so that kids can understand it well.
Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

The pharaohs were the kings of ancient Egypt. Some were women, but most of the pharaohs were men. The pharaohs were the leaders of government and religion. There were about 170 different pharaohs, one pharaoh at a time
The Mayans for Kids

Mayans For Kids

History of the Mayan Civilization for Kids. The Mayans used a written language and a number system. They were good at art, construction, and math. Their priests studied the stars and planets which helped them make calendars.